Hello Canary people

Firstly: We're sorry for these rather unprofessional circumstances.

Secondly: The "real" site WILL be back up sooner or later. We're waiting for the new hoster atm.

Thirdly: Yes, we're giving up :(
Unfortunately, we have no resources to maintain the project anymore.
However, do not fret.
All our sources and resources remain available and anyone is free to continue the project or, as we would have liked to do, implement a forge-version. For these purposes and more the website will remain online (as soon as it comes back up).

WE are not developing Canary anymore. However, YOU can do it!
For this the site remains maintained!
Please stand by for a little while longer, you'll have the site back in no time.

Here are some resources.

Thanks for sticking around and a bunch of amazing years! It was quite the ride!